PostHeaderIcon Candy Corn Cupcakes

I’ll admit it, I do not like candy corn. There, I said it! But these cupcakes do not taste like candy corn, they only look like candy corn since the cupcake base is yellow and orange and topped with white frosting. The cupcake base is my favorite vanilla bean cupcake and it’s topped with delicious buttercream frosting!

These would be great for a Halloween party or a Birthday party in October!

Please contact me if you’re interested in ordering!

To make these I used my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe and vanilla buttercream frosting recipe.

I just colored half of the cupcake batter orange and the other half yellow. Then fill the cupcake liners with the yellow batter first and top with the orange batter. Bake as directed and top with buttercream frosting!

Easy and adorable!


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