PostHeaderIcon Green Bay Packer Sugar Cookies

I made these football and jersey sugar cookies for a Super Bowl party at my parents’ house. Since my entire family loves the Packers (and I love finding excuses to make sugar cookies) I had to make these for the Super Bowl. I have so many cookie cutters it was difficult to choose which ones to use. I finally decided on the jersey and football sugar cookies and I love how they turned out. I’m already looking forward to making more next season!

I do sell my decorated sugar cookies. If you’re interested in ordering you can contact me here.

Everyone really enjoyed the cookies, especially my niece and nephew! They ate so many that their chins turned green from the lettering. They are just the cutest kids! My niece, Lily, is 18 months old right now and she was saying “Go Go Go!” during the game! Her father, a HUGE Packer fan, was very proud to say the least! I could just go on and on about those two cuties. Can you tell I’m a proud Aunt? :)

Here’s a picture of them before the big game:


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